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1st International e-Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

1IeCSHSS * 29 June 2018 * *


>>>>>> ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS (Last Update: 4 May 2018) <<<<<

Aims and Scope

The aim of the e-Conference is to bring together scholars, administrators and students from different countries, and to discuss theoretical and practical issues in different areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. The e-Conference will be organized as a kind of a multi-disciplinary forum which will provide the appropriate opportunities for inter-disciplinary communications.

These are the following areas of study covered by the e-Conference: Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, Science of Education, History, Linguistics, Arts, Sociology, Political Science, Law, and Economics.

The e-Conference will be organized exclusively as an online conference, and the English is the only language of the conference.

Organization of the e-Conference

Two phases of the e-Conference realization will be applied.

The first phase will be realized as the e-Pre-Conference Discussion (from 24 to 28 June 2018), and this phase will be followed by the posting at the COAS website different textual forms sent by the e-Conference participants, such as discussions, analyses, critics, comments, suggestions, proposals, etc., regarding exposed abstracts. All textual forms will be reviewed and posted at the COAS website by the e-Conference moderators, appointed by the Scientific Committee.

The second phase is the e-Conference Discussion, and it will be realized at the e-Conference day (29 June 2018), from 00 to 24 (GMT+01:00). This discussion will be realized in the same way as the e-Pre-Conference discussion, regarding the full texts exposed at the COAS website.

All accepted abstracts will be exposed at the COAS website, from the moment of accepting an abstract for publishing, up to the end of e-Conference day. Each full text will be exposed at the COAS web site, at the beginning of the e-Pre-Conference Discussion (24 June 2018), from 00 (GMT+01:00) to the moment of online publishing, or to the moment of publishing in one of the COAS Open Journals.

The accepted abstracts and full texts will be published in the e-Conference Proceedings, with regular eISBN number, or in the one of COAS Open Journals (authors choose the option). The e-Conference Proceedings will be published online, 5-10 days after realization of the e-Conference in an open access mode, and submitted for indexing in different international databases. The key conclusions from the e-Pre- and the e-Conference discussions will be summarized and also published as part of the e-Conference Proceedings, by decision of the Scientific Committee.

The abstracts and full texts are necessary to be prepared according to the Guide for Authors, which is applied as propositions for the manuscripts submitted for the COAS Open Journals.

Reviewing Process

All submitted abstracts/full texts will go through two reviewing processes: (1) double-blind (at least two reviewers), and (2) non-blind (two members of the Scientific Committee). Final decision for the presenting and publishing depends of the two kinds of reviews, thus a paper should be recommended by non-blind reviewers and blind reviewers, in order to be accepted for presentation at the conference and to be published in the e-Conference Proceedings.

e-Conference Deadlines

Abstract and Full Text Submission Deadline: ..... 31 May 2018
e-Pre-Conference Discussion: ............................24-28 June 2018
e-Conference Discussion: ………….….........…….….…. 29 June 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the authors who already submitted an abstract for the e-Conference, based on previous calls, deadline for the full text submission is 20 May 2018.

e-Conference Fee

The conference fee is 70 EUR or 90 USD. There is discount of 50% for the following categories of participants: (1) other authors (co-authors), (2) authors with two manuscripts (for the second manuscript), and (3) students.

The conference fee is possible to pay only after accepting full text for presenting and publishing, based on reviewers’ decision.

There will be no conference fee for participants from the conference partner institution(s).

For more information about payment procedure you may contact us at


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