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2019 - Volume 2 - Number 2

Development of Ancient Athens Before Hellenistic Period

Juan Sergio Martinez Vazquez *
Autonomous University of Carmen, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Campeche, MEXICO

Open Journal for Studies in History, 2019, 2(2), 27-34 *
Online Published Date: 20 December 2019

LICENCE: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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KEY WORDS: ancient Athens, democracy, legislative, Golden age, Peloponnesian war.

This paper describes a brief overview of the history of ancient Athens, from the period of the first legislators to the Hellenistic period. One of the basic features that characterize this period is the continued presence of conflicts and hostilities between Athens and rival city-states, including those in present-day Greece, but also in Asia Minor and Southern Italy. Also, this period is followed by the continuing threatening and battles with the Persian Empire. It is a period of the history of Athens in which huge social development takes place, in all segments of social life. The various institutions of the state are established, and during this period, regardless of the presence of phases of tyranny as a form of government, the foundations of the democratic system, which exists in the modern world, are being created. Also, there has been an unprecedented period of development in history in the fields of philosophy, science, culture, art and social life in general.

Juan Sergio Martinez Vazquez (PhD student), Autonomous University of Carmen, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Campeche, MEXICO. E-mail:


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