About COAS

The Center for Open Access in Science (COAS) is a non-profit organization based in Belgrade, Serbia, as an international initiative dedicated to promoting values of free and open access to scientific research and its results.

According to this general aim the COAS are publishing, through a mode of completely open access, online academic journals (with ISSN for online issues), as well as e-books (with ISBN for online issues), in different areas of science.

The COAS mission is also the planning, conceptualization and organization of e-conferences, as a kind of online sessions in different areas of science. The realization of e-conferences are followed by online publishing e-books of abstracts and e-books of conference proceedings (both with ISBN for online issues).

All publication units issued by the COAS (articles, books, conference proceedings, etc.) are previously peer reviewed, according to key standards necessary for ensuring high quality of published scientific research products.

Besides these activities, the COAS is currently forming international database of universities’ and research institutes’ staffs, as a kind of international academic network.

The main decisions for publishing are doing by the COAS Editorial Council, as an international scientific board consisting of university experts from different areas of science. Working in collaborative and innovative atmosphere, the COAS Editorial Council discusses problems and creates solutions, with its general orientation to openness and ensuring high quality of all COAS products.

We accept donations from institutions and individuals, in order to improve our mission and make it more effective.

If you are interested to make a donation you may contact us for more information at office@centerprode.com.


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